Company Profile

Myanmar Eco Solutions provides a high class, end-to-end service for clients seeking services within the renewable energy market in Myanmar. Our qualified team & services extend throughout the value chain starting from product sourcing to final project implementation. We promote and distribute renewable energy systems of all sizes in the Myanmar market, working with investors and developers to make the process commercially viable for all key stakeholders.

After being founded in 2010 by Min Chan Win, Myanmar Eco Solutions’ team now encompasses dedicated energy and business professionals with years of experience. We have strong commitment to customer satisfaction and service, made easier by only offering long-term high quality products and services.

We aim to create a more sustainable energy environment and, in doing so, dramatically boost the quality of life for individuals and communities alike, reducing their carbon footprint in the process.

We believe that the impact of our intervention knows no bounds. Restoring power to the people will ultimately attract investment through industry & commerce, preparing the future for Myanmar’s children.

Our services help to reduce the carbon footprint of the country, providing a safer and cleaner world for tomorrow. In a world hooked on fossil fuels, surely it’s time to wean ourselves off this addiction?