Who We Benefit

Our services benefit individuals, families and communities alike, right now and when preparing for the future.

Individuals, such as farmers, are able to irrigate their fields for free after 3-4 years (approximate time for a solar pump to break even) saving them time and money. Family’s can light their homes at night, increasing the working hours of the day so that their children can study for longer and better. Mini-grid electrification projects can help whole communities enjoy such benefits.

The users that benefit the most have limited access to funds and are dependant on fossil fuels to survive. We hope to connect rural communities with modern lifestyles bringing improvements to income, working hours, health, and quality of life making them, ultimately, happier.

We also benefit businesses and commercial-scale infrastructure by saving them substantial savings every year and provide them with an independent energy source that they can rely on, day in, day out.