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Our one-stop shop makes it easy to determine if going solar makes sense for your home or business. Check out our free solar estimator, and get an instant evaluation to see if going solar is right for you.


Easily do your very own system design now! With Eco Solar, you’ll have a dedicated energy advisor that will help you throughout the entire process, from optimum solar size to final installation. See your home solar design and savings.

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First, check out this short video on how to measure area on Google maps, then give it a try at in your web browser. Save the area measurement, and continue down to our solar sizing calculator below.


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The calculation tools on this page serve only as a very initial estimation with an average assumption. It is only a quick and simple tool for estimating the potential cost-savings of solar solutions and sizing of solar arrays and pumps.

The inputs such as peak sun hours and specific yields are general assumptions for Myanmar. The inputs from customers such as power plant size, available area, dynamic head and daily water requirements may vary from the actual requirements. The results from this calculation should not be used for implementation purposes, and we are not responsible for any use or misuse of our free tools.

In order to get accurate costs and specific designs to meet your requirements, we encourage you to have a professional consultation with us. We will conduct a feasibility study, run simulations, optimize the design and provide the best solution for you.

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